A glimpse of some of the happy places and faces in our amazing Downtown!

This project was inspired by musician Pharrell Williams and the viral phenomenon that has spread "Happy" videos all around the world.  The spirit behind the project is to spread the word that Downtown Barrie is a diverse, cool and happy place.  Over 40 downtown Barrie businesses have put their "happy" on for the video!

Barrie Happy

Check out the  new music video that features the vibrancy of our Downtown Barrie!

Barriehappy from Rhubarb Media on Vimeo.

Thanks to all the downtown Barrie businesses that were a part of this really fun project and being a part of the change!  If you missed being a part of it, stay tuned as we’re hoping to do another down the road!

Be sure to check out the Barrie Happy video on the big screen tonight, August 27th at Lawnchair Luminata at Centennial Beach at 8;30!